Hello from North Carolina. 

Today has led me to Donna Downey’s Studio and a great antique mall called The Depot in Concord, North Carolina.  Tomorrow I will be flyin back home. 

Here are some quick pics of some trash and some treasures. You decide which is which!


North Carolina 

hi guys. I’m in North Carolina this week with friends to see the Biltmore decorated for Christmas !!

 Today I bought this cute little ink cartridge pen n ink refills at a great little shop called Origami Ink. 

What could I do — my hands were tied!!  It was called Origami Ink!!!

  Have a good day and create!!

What I’m workin on.¬†

I know I already put a pic of this on Facebook -but I wanted to show the details here. 

I have been doing so much to get ready to open my gear gal ETSY STORE (yep – it’s gonna happen captain!!) that I haven’t done much painting, inking or mistake making in the last few weeks. So…. I felt the need … The need to bleed — my inks, paints, water colors, big brush markers…. You get the idea. 

This canvas began with Gesso that I did some mark making on and after it dried I added inks,  watercolors and layers.  I have come to hAVE to admit that I can’t fake the layers. Now being a broad that doesn’t even like to take the time to match my socks — this inability to fake the layers was annoying but now — I enjoy the duality of working on several canvases at once. While one layer is drying I am usually prepping a different one. Well that or I am picking up all my art supplies that I selected and then went ,” no – that’s not what I want.”  And Then just set it down instead of taking 3 seconds to put it back into its place.  Oops!!

Anyway here are some quick pics of the Elephant Shadow.  I hope!  I have been having an argument with my electronic devices that are suppose to talk to one another and have discovered — THEY ARENT SPEAKING!!!  

So I have pictures on an iPad, text on a phone and have finished the project so I can’t take pics of the “before”.  HELP!!

i used the PITT big brush artist pen and the Pentel Slicci pen in silver

Remember to make time to make art and let it unwind and remind you!!!