Quick-Hide the Candy!

So I may or may not have had Mr. Inky hide the candy so this gal wouldn’t have to start wearing a wide load sign on her back end. 

He hid it in a locking cabinet downstairs ( okay so I have been known to fall off the wagon – okay jump off the wagon and tear the house apart on previous candy hidings!!!) –then he lost the key!! I suspected this was a ruse at first but he has no gift for lying so I knew he really had lost them. Then he went off to a 24 hour shift!!

What could I do.  My hands were tied. I only had 24 hours!! I then had to call a locksmith to explain that I need a lock picked so I can get my candy!!  I mean – I’m not going down like that – he can’t hide it where I can’t find it!!  Now pause while my kids come for Sunday Supper and I tell whatever silly mistakes or escapades have happened to me or I have created that week. I mention the locked cabinet and…. One of my Inky Sons (the super geek freak from previous posts) tells me he could unlock it for me if I can give him a couple paper clips. I am dubious at best but figure hey if he helps me win the candy search — I’m all in.  I give him the paper clips and a few minutes later …. Wallah!!!  Candy Obtained!!!!  My record stands!!!  I did part with some of the retrieved candy as a finders fee to my super son – but hey small price to pay for a WIN!!!    Thought I would show you the tools he made and used

 I think I have found a new partner in crime!!!  Perhaps I shouldn’t have bought him that set of lock picks while he was in High School — now he can pick locks without them!!!  (And yes I actually did buy him a set. )

Have a good week and remember to be your own kind of imperfectly perfect!!  



My work-in-progress to match the huge flowers I painted on bathroom walls to match my shower curtain!!


  What!!  I said it was a work-in-progress not an excellent work-in-progress!!!