Home again..home again ..get your art on …

Okay so the title of today’s post doesn’t roll off the tongue like I thought it would —  I think I got the nursery rhyme in my head and then transposed the bippitty boppitty boo thing from Cinderella— I may be a bit punchy from driving 1000 miles in two days. 

Here are some pics of unusual art, mark making possibilities and odds n Enders from my time in Texas. 



 Remember art is everywhere you go but you won’t see it if you don’t look. 

ps. I’m fixin to open My ETSY store in a few weeks. I will keep ya’all posted!! — okay so I had to use one more Texas twang. 


On The Road Ya’ll

Howdy!!  I am getting my art on in Texas for a couple of weeks and thought i would send you some pics of my claim that Art is Everywhere!!

  Remember we each write our own scripts and we each paint our own portraits. 

Be your own kind of Beautiful!!!


Best Sister Ever

so i have the best sister ever. Recently we spent a couple days together and i told her how i like to use brown glassine envelopes but they are pricey and hard for me to find. 

I confessed to her that i like them so much that sometimes i find them in public restrooms in those little side waste recepticles in the stalls. (What–it sounds better than calling them what we really call them!!)

Anyway, i got a package from her and .. Ta-dah!!!!  

  Like i said — best sister ever!!  Im excited to try a technique that makes these bags look like a welded metal!!
Well gotta run. I think i need to use the restroom!!


Insert Post

i had been on a blog break as many of you know while caring for my newborn grandson and then celebrating my wedding anniversary on a trip w Mr. Inky. 

The night i returned from my trip i was still bringing in luggage when a phone call told me of an accident that a best friend of mine had just had.  I rushed to the hospital and have spent many hours with her family there. 

She passed quietly away a few days ago. 

She is the one who first encouraged my artistic journey and dreams. She was my friend, my therapist, my travel buddy, my coach. I will always love her. 

Her name was Lisa.