Car Show


So Mr. Inky and i are at a classic and hot rod  car show while on our trip. I have ohhhhed and awwwwwwwed for several hours — i was just getting bored with it all, and seriously thinking about hitting the snack stand for an “elephants ear” — not sure what it is— but i saw a deep fryer n syrup so i am pretty sure it is DELICIOUS!!

Anyway i was just getting bored when i saw at the end of the pavillion — this.  

   Needless to say i had to buy a few bits and pieces that will go on my Gear Gals and then on my ETSY Store — Gear Gals, Ink.

 I mean i dont even know what some of this stuff is – but i know i can ink it, paint it or rust it!!!     Heres a peek at what i bought. 

  I love watching the face of the man selling the stuff as i pick up a weird assortment of stuff and see him ask himself – what is she doing?!!
Have a good weekend. Try to carve some time for you to unwind and create. Gotta go find Mr.   Hope he hasn’t bought anything!!


It shoud be …

I am still on my blog break while on my anniversary trip with Mr. Inky but thought i would share some art goodness i have seen round bout me the last two days. 


these are for our big wishes

  this dandelion outdoor art piece is soooo cool. During the day it reflects the sun and at night it plays off the colored lights in a city. 
  I thought this was a very clever way to hide the power box thingys that cities have!  Another example of creating on unlikely canvases!!

Have a good week. Decide you will and dare anyone to stop you!!!  Take time to create something – even if your canvas is imperfect!

Most of all — remember that art is supposed to be … 

 Gotta Hit the bike trails with Mr.  Wish me luck!! 


Blog Break

InkyMee will be taking a blog break for the next few days. Mr. Inky and i are taking a little jaunt to celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

But last night i was playing with some of the new liquid watercolors i bought and of course, my inks!!!  I bought some white coffee filters and …wallah– collage material, art journal background, wrapping material for small gifts, ….endless possibilities. 

Speaking of possibilities – i am excited to begin selling on ETSY in September. The contest for my store name is still open for 24 hours (ends Saturday) so if you have a suggestion please reply/comment below. The winner receives one of my Gear Gals and my thanks!!

Here are some pics of the coffee filter frenzy of last night (okay so it lasted until 2 a.m. )

Remember that what you do doesnt haveto be  perfectly done to be worth your efforts. Sometimes just creating can unwind and unclutter your insides. I know that it works for me!!


Summer Sails By

So summer is quickly sailing by for me and my inky family. Now that my blog vacation is over i thought i would check in and post some pics. 

This summer i did t travel for art. But you and i both know that that wont last long!!!  I did (and am still doing) several art classes on line. 

Donna Downey’s -Inspiration Wednesdays – is one of my favorites. You can find classes offered by her at the following website.   I have also signed up for several others but havent made enough progress to brag about them yet. 

The big news is that i am currently stocking my inky own ETSY SHOP!!!!  Thats right – i am joining the enthusiastic Etsy entrapanuers  !!! (Is that how to spell that?).   Needless to say i am gearing up gal after gal. If it cant walk away from me — it gets a gear!!!  Keep an eye out for my shop. I will be announcing my opening soon.  My big problem right now is what to call it. So far i am just calling it ….wait for it …… InkyMee.   I know right — but its hard to think of a good name. Any ideas???  

If i select your suggested shop name – you will be receiving one of my gear gals as a thank you.  So suggest away !!!

Try to make time each day for art. Art is good for our hearts!!