Dog Toys – InkyMee in the summertime and Grammy Camp. 

I wanted to tell those of you who are new to checking out my blog (a huge thank you for taking the time) that during the summers I blog like its summer.  So no real schedule. But if you sign up to receive the blog posts by email or check Facebook notifications you won’t miss them. 

Okay — now onto what’s up on this gals creative journey.

This years Grammy Camp has begun. The Transporter a.k.a. Mr. Inky returned with my little inked ones yesterday. They have already had dances for me, told me jokes and put on several stuffed animal/puppet shows.  The stuffed animals were actually dog toys that I found at TJ Maxx. I thought to myself; dog toy for 5$ or stuffed toy for $15.  Dog toy it is. I mean how would they ever know it was a dog toy anyway.   Everything was going awesome blossom until I left the room ……. I guess one of them was hugging theirs and heard a squeak from inside like the squeaky noise you hear when you squeeze a dogs toy.  I come back into the room and they are both looking at me —— uh. grammy———–are these dog toys????  I was busted! 

 Luckily they are great and thought it added a dimension of kookiness to the whole thing!!!  

They are so creative in everything they do. I watched them thru the lens of a beginning artist this year and it is such a joyful thing to watch n be part of. I think we all had such creative tendencies as children but we “grow up” and replace them with other things. 

I may put one of those sandwich boards with STAY CREATIVE or CREATE PAST AGE 8 –on it and stand in front of a Deli and tell it to the people.  Although my short lived sweet potato fries crusade was less than effective sadly. I notice Carl’s Jr. Has yet to yield to my pressure and bring them back. 

I hope you get to take time today to be creative in some way. We can create in many different ways and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect to be great.  A dog toy is just as fun to love as a stuffed animal from toys r us!!  Just Sayin.