Mark Making on a Monday

I have been playing with the concept of mark making without knowing that’s what it was called. While at an art retreat several of my friends asked why I was putting the camera down on the cobblestones or taking a picture of the statue from the base up and askew.  I have always liked the idea of how a used or rusted thing can seem what it is not through a picture ( kind of like me with Spanks on vs. with them off). !!  Yep – I have even worn two pairs at once one time when my little black dress seemed to be a little to little. Anyway I thought I would show a pic I took I have hanging in my bathroom as an example. 


Friday’s frame. 

I have been experimenting with grafetti – is that how you spell grafetti?  Any way you spell it I have been having fun playing with it and combining it with some other techniques and products which I will share when I get a bit better at it.  My son made me aware of Bansky and other artist that work with extremely large stencils and use buildings, walls, water towers and other things as their canvases. Several days ago I was driving on a frontage road next to a train that probably was trying to convince itself it thought it could. 

Here is some of the art I saw on that train.