Filling the shelves

  • with Mothers Day coming up I thought I better get busy and restock my shelves and stick on those “for sale” stickers. Weare enjoying some beautiful weather and so this week has found me planting flowers and pulling what aren’t flowers. I would try to impress you with their names — but let’s face it. I don’t know the names of the stuff I pulled or the stuff I planted. !!!  That plant nursery sees me coming and the head nursery man(or woman) starts clapping his hands like he is the head waiter in that Hello Dolly movie!!!  People in those o so attractive smocks that tell us they work there are springing up everywhere and before I know it I have plants, bark, plant food, and a cold diet coke in my hand.  Wait I may have walked into this story with that diet coke. I can’t be sure.   
  • Anyway, back to the art. I hope you are getting to make some and back to the flowers –I hope you are getting to plant some!!




What I’be been up to this week 

This week I have been working on restocking my booth. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been creating.  

i finally got the hat right i think.


the little strips say “loan me some wings for a day …. lyrics from the Gaelic Storm group”


this is a pic i took while driving home the other day.


this is my attempt at mixed media-ing my version of it. still lots to do on it!