On The Road Again

I’m a happy happy woman!  Mr. Has surprised me with a “since-this-will-be-your-first-Christmas-with-no-kiddos-in-the-house trip!!  We are headed somewhere,  warm and wet and wonderful.
So no posts this week.
I have a carry on stuffed with arty goodness. 


And i have the rest of it in my checked bag!!  Luckily that whole 50 lb. Limit thing made me thin it out.  I will b art journaling, mermaid ing and drawing faces.  Mr. Says I can swim w the dolphins and snorkel as well….
I must admit to worries that I may be mistaken for a manatee during these adventures – but I am determined not to let strangers thoughts of me n my Lilly whiteness keep me from enjoying myself or participating fully . 
Isn’t it strange how many potentially joyful moments we give away because of what “they” might think about how white we are, how not skinny we are, or how not exactly like them we are.  So if your doing that —  join me in letting go of it and let’s stop caring more bout what strangers think and more about living our joyful moments!!!

Time to take my happy pill, grab a bag of slow roasted, even slower eating peanuts and head onto the flying death machine!!! 

Merry Me


Wednesday’s Work

This Wednesday’s work is all bout the birds n the …other birds. I am finishing up my geared n inked up birds and owls and other stuffs for a local Christmas shop. And by local I mean it is a 3 hour drive round trip!! In Idaho that is local.

My bestie, Lisa, used her super powers to make me think i should participate. She’s wiley that one! I have geared up everything that couldn’t walk away from me. We’re talkin snowflakes and owls and birds and ornaments… I may have a problem. I may need to join a group of recovering rust repurposers. I’m just sayin.

I have also started the dread awful pepper nut cookies. I only make these little suckers at Christmas –and I only make them because Mr. Inky’s grandma made them every year. Somehow that has morphed into me making these licorice smelling, dime sized cookies as gifts for our neighbors and friends and family.
Usually around Thanksgiving I start getting questions bout the pepper nuts….by the end of December I usually have a twitch and crazy eyes!!!
Around January I swear that the dread awful pepper nuts are no more…but by February I have forgotten the dread awfulness of the pepper nuts and… you get the idea.
So enjoy the traditions that you choose to do and avoid the crazy eyes (and that twitch). Being fully engaged in what you are doing, creating, or experiencing this Christmas is a great gift to give yourself and those around you. I mean if you can tell if someone is just “phoning it in”, don’t you think others can tell too.

Here’s to avoiding the crazy eyes!!–the best way I have found–make art!!


Reclaimed. Repurposed & Ready

So today’s “wednesdays work” post is about two projects.  First, the  reclaimed snowflakes as promised, ( I am kinda loving them and their imperfect- ness) – and the no two are alike — is right up my alley!  And second, a backdrop for a church Christmas party.

It is much more fun to create originals and play with the different textures and shapes of the wood, gears, & rusted bits for my snowy flakes– than i expected.  I have of course, geared and gussied them up to my hearts content!!

…And then there is the backdrop.

This week I have also been Workin on a backdrop for a little church christmas party here in American Falls.  “….your an artist right?…could you make us a backdrop for the party of Mt. Crumpitt from the Grinches movie?” 
— Now i know it is supposed to be the Mount Crumpitt from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Movie, and now you know it is supposed to be the Mt. Crumpitt of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Movie, but — I am afraid it is looking more like the bog that a  Bigfoot might live in!!!  Not to mention the thing is taped down  on my kitchen floor so me and Mr.  are currently leaving our own big foot prints on it whenever we forget it is there! !
I can practically see the people sitting at the long white tables looking at it, tilting their heads and squinting their eyes  and saying…”she is an artist, right?”…Hmmmm.  “maybe she is part blind or has a bad twitch…”….bless her heart!!!

Okay now back to the snowflakes!
I hope you like them.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  — About the snowflakes, not the Bigfoot!!!

Take time to take time to create something today!!  But — if someone approaches you at church a couple of weeks before the ward christmas party and begins with “…your an artist, right…”  — RUN! RUN RUN!!!

Now I gotta run.  Here’s the pics. 


My rusty snowflake.


See.  Told you.  Definitely Bigfoot!