I finished the steam punk mustache and wanted to show you.


I am pretty happy with it.  It is black hardwood, collaged text background and features gears, watch faces, and other metal monikers.  It measures 5×16.

There is a store in Pocatello that has agreed to sell them!! SOOO EXCITED!

You can use the contact me option on this blog or private message me on my FB page (Sherri Timmons) if you are interested in ordering one as a Christmas gift for some stached significant someone that you love!!!

Right now I am working on some amazing reclaimed wood snowflakes that I have geared and gussied up. I will post pics of them next wednesday. Unless I can’t stand it and I have to post them on Fridays post. You know that could happen too.
I gotta say my Inky self is kinda diggin on them!

Have a happy Wednesday and remember to fully participate in it. Your day doesn’t have to go perfectly for you to be happy. Unless you tell yourself it does –so join me in telling ourselves it doesnt– and it is our truth to be cheerfully imperfect!!!


Monday’s Confessions and a Pig

Okay – first the explaining of the Pig because let’s be honest — that’s what you really want to read!! Who wouldn’t! !

Sunday suppers w the family happen each Sunday I am here to do them. My son likes to take this little pink pig I have. — now that I think bout it o don’t even know where I got that little pig– Anyway he takes the little pink porker from where i usually sit it and has started hiding it in a different place each Sunday.

I can’t stand it!! It’s like hiding a present and telling me that if I find it I can open it early. Which Mr. Inky does EVERY christmas, by the way!

I have found this dang pig in my flower pots, in my butter dish w only his little piggy eyes showing, on top of a lamp, in my car… you get the idea.
Here’s where I found it this time .

I don’t remember dropping this child on his head but hey — I was young –who knows.

You can stop reading here if you don’t care bout the confessions or brave, reader…read on!!

So here are just a couple of confessions — hey I gave you a good pig story already.

I reported my car had been the innocent victim of a hit n run while it was parked in the Chinese food restaurant–only to realize that night that the damage had been done when several days before i unknowingly BACKED INTO MY BOAT TRAILOR! I then had to call the chief of police and explain and my insurance company to stop the claim I had filed earlier that day. Evidently the answer to my ranting …”what kind of person backs into a car and doesn’t at least leave a note”… is me. This only became apparent however when Mr. Inky got home, looks at the dent, looks at the trailor, and then “looks” at me !!! I don’t want to talk about it.

I hate snakes but had a ball python in a cage in my son’s room for several years. The top of this cage Houdini himself could not have escaped from– but I always had to peak into the room just in case this snake was better than Houdini!

I love to eat Captain Crunch cereal dry until the roof of my mouth is too sore to eat anymore (or the crunch berries are all gone – I mean the ratio of crunch berry to golden sugary square of crunchiness is everything!!).

I can never remember if the period goes inside or outside the quotation marks when typing this blog and yet can construct a nearly perfect literary essay.

I hate both buttermilk and blue cheese. I believe both were accidentally created by marketing masterminds who then convinced a nation that both were yummy. Bleehhckkk!!

Here ends Monday’s Confessions.

Have a positively cheerfully imperfectly happy-go-lucky day. I plan to!!


Friday’s Frame!


Sometimes we’re all in need of a beautiful reminder.

This one I tore out of a magazine! Don’t worry this time it was actually my magazine!! I don’t want to talk bout the “incident”. Who knew!!


So I’m off to make something beautiful happen. I didn’t say PERFECT, I said beautiful.
Perfect and beautiful are NOT the same thing.