Friday’s Frame

This Friday finds me in California for a wedding on Mr. Inky’s side.  It also finds me wishing I was home to give two dear people birthday wishes and gifts in person. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest friend, Lisa;  and to my beautiful daughter-in-law, Lauren.  I am blessed to have you in my life. 

Here’s the frame for your viewing pleasure!! 


Enjoy your day.  Be fully part of it.  We like to wait til “later” to do the artsy stuff in our lives as women.  But speaking for myself, I wish I had given myself permission to embrace it much earlier! 

Be happy.  BE IMPERFECT.  And be patient with the other imperfect people you love.

I’ll be back on Monday and confess some more, share  Ali pics some more, and generally try to cheerfully, imperfectly become MORE!