Paris Art Journal Peek


So, I was looking at my last post (cuz I have that kind of time) and realized that the pictures hadn’t attached to the post. So here are the pictures of some of my art journal pages.

Remember the pages of a Travel Art Journal are meant to remind you (not you – you but you – me) of the experiences of the trip. How you felt, what you ate, what you learned, what you hated…. whatever. I make the art journals for what they mean to me, not what others would see if they looked at them. For me, this particular one has a lot of meaning because it was the first time I included my attempts at sketching. My art journaling has value to me because of what it unlocks or unwinds inside of me. I give myself permission to write it, sketch it, remember it… just for me.

I hope you enjoy this little peek – Have you got out your notebook yet and sketched little bits or written things down that you dream of, hate, heard, places you dream of going, where you have been…….. If you are planning a trip for the weekend or for a week, why not toss in a notebook and some gel pens, pencil and eraser?????

Okay — Take A Gander Alexander: