Wednesday Journal Peek

Here is a peek at the travel art journal that I am still working on from my Paris experience. I enjoyed every minute of the trip and learned so many things that I have a hard time remembering all of them. Through my art journal I am able to relive and relearn the things that Paris taught me about who I am and what I want to create.

Because of this, I have been reminded that you should either journal while you are traveling. Journal each night about your daily schedule, your art experiences, and pleasures. I did journal some of the nights that I was in Paris but not every day.

Through my travels and specifically my Paris Art Retreat with Jane Davenport, I have made amazing, creative friends that I know will continue to impress and accept me for the artist that I am and the artist that I want to become. I keep in touch with those 12 artists almost daily through Facebook and e-mail.

Grab a notebook and a couple of pens or colored pencils and begin art journaling. I mean it is back-to-school time and so the stuff is really cheap right now anyway.

Gotta go cheerfully create some imperfect art!!!


Happy Tuesday

I hope you are enjoying your week and taking every opportunity to be fully present in whatever you are choosing to do. I am busy creating different types of art and re-stocking my booth at Bellas.

I am still buying copies of my magazine whenever I find them for sale!!! I am totally out of control – I mean its like I have never been published before — oh wait – I haven’t!!!!!


I have even had one woman ask me to sign it for her!!! I only had to pay her $2 to make her ask me!!!! No I didn’t actually have to pay her and she did actually ask me to sign it. I felt a little silly but I thought no way I am going to miss an opportunity to sign something if someone asks me. I mean other than the officer that pulled me over and wants me to sign the citation, the shoe clerk who wants me to sign the credit charge slip. The handwriting expert that just wanted me to write “the quick brown fox…”! I am still not sure why she wanted a sample of my handwriting.

Here is what I am currently working on:


Remember that you have the right to decide how you will spend your time and what you will do with it. It isn’t your obligation to do what someone else wants you to spend your time on. You decide and you choose to be fully present while doing it.

We spend a bunch of time not fully participating in our daily lists. We can find joy and balance while we do what we have to, what we want to, and what we want to create or change. Just Sayin !!!


Back and Published!!!

here is the pic of the paper lantern I made

here is the pic of the paper lantern I made

yummy delicious things in Paris

yummy delicious things in Paris

I am back from Paris and all the amazing things that I got to experience there and have jumped right into several of my busiest and happiest days.

I mentioned on an earlier post that I had big news!!!….

I am talking roll out the red carpet until that last bit flips down SPLAT on the ground,  big news!!!.  I’m talking drum roll that goes on so long you wonder when the guy with the drumsticks is gonna quit doing the drum roll , big news!!!  I’m talkin….. okay you clearly get the idea.

I AM PUBLISHED!!!  This month’s edition of PAPER ART, which is put out by Cloth Paper Scissors has my article and how-to for my paper lanterns in it.  On the cover of the magazine there is even a mention of them and the pages you can find the info on!!!

I am so tickled it is almost embarrassing.  Speaking of embarrassing.  I embarrassed myself when I went to get my copy of the magazine (okay 4 copies) at the closest Barnes and Nobles Bookstore.  I was so excited to see the actual magazine and was holding it and kind of laughing/crying with excitement and this nice man and his wife came up and asked if I enjoyed that magazine ( I am pretty sure they were trying to make sure I wasn’t missing from the row of padded rooms somewhere.  I explained that I was in this magazine and that it was my first time getting a project published, etc.  The man smiled broadly and said, “well then hold that thing up and let me take a picture of you with it — that’s a big deal”.  I love that man!!  Don’t know who he is or who his wife was but they were good people!!!  It was a good day.

I am excited beyond what is proper and thought I would show you a pic of the paper lantern project  that I have in the Paper Art Magazine.  Needless to say you should immediately drive out and purchase one.  Maybe three.  Just Sayin!!

I am excited to see where my creative journey takes me in the next few months….. wanna come????