Quick Pics and Pick Pocketed !!!

I got pick pocketed!!! Those of you who check out my FB page (sherri timmons) will have read this account but there are some pictures at the end of this post so you might as well skim through this and then take a gander at the pics below!!

So for the pick-pocket story. I was on the metro with the gals and as we got off at our stop and onto the platform I felt a slight bump from behind. I thought that it was one of the gals and was going to turn around and smile at her or give her a hard time – but saw instead that it was a clean cut 20 something young man with a baseball hat on. I looked at him and it didn’t feel right so I swung my backpack around and sure enough the small pocket on the outside (where my wallet was) was open but the wallet was gone. I looked at the guy and yelled HEY!! then I looked down and saw he had a map folded in half in his hand. I reached down and grabbed open the map and there was my wallet. I grabbed it out of his hand and gave him the Stink Eye (that is french , well not really french but that is how I usually describe it – but I don’t want you traveling to France and trying it out!!!) Anyway I gave him the Stink Eye!! Its been known to make grown men look down in shame and young children say… “sorry mom”!!! Its one of my super powers — I’m just Sayin. This pick pocketer just looked at me with a blank face and turned around and walked quickly away.

I have a back pack that is made specifically for travel and has little hooks that the zipper pulls clip into. This bag I have carried on many trips and I always!!!!! clip it. But I have been here many days and I was with lovely women….. you get the idea….. I got relaxed and had a false sense of safety.

So please be careful when you travel. And if you see a guy in a baseball hat who looks like he is immune to the dread awful Stink Eye of an Inky Imperfect Artist —– Check for your wallet!!

As promised here are some pics of the beautiful place I have been calling home while in Paris. There is a quiet courtyard area with the Koi pond and a sense of calmness to it. The other is the view as I walk up to the room.



Bon Jour


Tisket A Tasket — Breakfast In A Basket

So every morning at 8:30 here the hostess of our Parisian home delivers my breakfast. I thought you might like to see how they do it in Paris!!

Look at the beautiful bits and pieces and the attention to detail. It is a great way to start the day. It is a way our hostess brings artistic touches to a simple thing — breakfast. I don’t know her, but I wonder if she is an artist. She definitely creates something beautiful for me each morning.

As for what we are up to — Today we went to an amazing museum/outdoor collection of curiosities from the 1800’s. It was lovely . We could not understand a word the tour guide said but that worked great because we were sketching the 3 things that appealed to us. Unfortunately I am not able to attach any pics to this post because I have a samsung phone now and here in Paris I can not download them onto my computer for some reason. I will try to remember to take my ipad tomorrow.

All is not lost though. I did snap pics of this beauty of a breakfast basket!!! The pic with the little glass jar of a white liquid is yogurt with cut up nectarines and a few nuts and a fresh mint leaf!!! Amazing!!! I don’t even like yogurt and I ate it — I mean, how are you not gonna eat that when it is soooooo beautifully presented.






Segways and the Eiffel Tower

So the first day of my Paris adventure has not disappointed in any way. After checking into the amazing place that we are all staying in – for reasons of security I am not mentioning the name — hey the art police could be looking for me — you never know — we all went for a tour of Paris —– on Segways!!!

I felt like Paul Blart the mall cop as I went around here. We were a group of 11 or so and we looked like a line of little chicks following the mother. Well except when one of us would crash and burn — then we just looked like uncoordinated Segway riders!! I am happy to say that I was able to enjoy the 3 hour plus tour without any wipe outs.

The Eiffel Tower was of course amazing. I am still figuring out how to load my pics on this ipad now that I have a samsung phone so today sadly I have no pics to show you. The sun was setting as we stopped in a large grass area that provided us a beautiful view of the tower in the distance. It was a beautiful moment. I just kept thinking to myself — I can’t believe that I am here and seeing this in person and visiting paris as an artist!!! It was a blissful moment …… and then I think someone wiped out and ….. it was over. All the moments here are flavored with a type of Oooooooohhhhhhh-ness!

Tomorrow is biking and sketching around paris and a class taught by Miss Jane on drawing faces 3/4 instead of looking straight ahead. Sooo Excited



Hello everyone:

It has been several weeks since my last post. Unfortunately my father, aka InkyPapa did not recover from his infection and stroke. He passed away on the fourth of July.

You have read a few posts about InkyMeme and InkyPapa. He was an amazing man who adopted me at 10 years old after growing up in the foster care system in California.

Now I know you don’t read this blog to peek in on my personal life — so I am going to bring you up to date on InkyMee!

I am sitting at the airport writing this blog post. I will board a plane for Paris, France in just a few hours. I will be joining a group of amazing female artists that I have met through on-line courses that I have taken taught by my “Ooooohhhhhhh how I wish I was as good an artist and as graceful a teacher as her – and I will be some day” —- Miss Jane Danger Davenport.

We will spend 6 days biking around Paris and drawing and painting as our Muse’ hit us. I had reserved this trip about 6 months ago but hadn’t blogged about it. I considered canceling it after my father passed but my InkyMeme told me to go — she insisted in fact! That old broad knew how much I have dreamed of this and she knew that I wouldn’t be able to go unless it was okay with her. I appreciate that.

So I am sitting in a common area and blogging. Check back in tomorrow for more fun facts and ……. its a surprise……. but it involves a bike…….. and a route……. and an amazing opportunity. Nope you have to wait until tomorrow.