Saturday’s Creative Tip/Trick

Okay so I thought I would share this cool new trick that I learned while reading one of my “gotta make this someday” magazines.

I have an iPhone but it isn’t the one with the lady talking to you and telling you where to turn. Yeah its that old!!
I like to listen to music on the phone because I always have it with me and if I try to create with the TV on it never fails that I realize like an hour later that I have become in an old episode of Bonanza or something. – hey don’t judge – i have a thing for cowboys!! Sometimes though the music isn’t as loud as I want it to be even when I have that little ball thing slid all the way over to the right side of the screen (I told you before that I don’t do “tech” stuff well). But Ta da dah dah — now it well be booming loud and strong —

If you take your phone and sit it in a tall glass drinking glass –it is amplified quite nicely. I think it works as well as those speakers that hook up to phones and tablets — I’m just saying – if they can make a phone that will do everything but wipe your nose for you – you would think they could figure out how to have boomin speakers on the actual phone. I mean there have to be a micro square inch meter thingy somewhere they could still use!!!

Anyway try this creative way to make your phone louder. …… I wonder if I could use this trick while asking Mr. Inky to take out the trash???? Now that would be a good trick!!!

Remember to take time during this weekend to create something — you know my mantra — creating something imperfect is still creating. Walking around the neighborhood or down at the lake is still creating time for you to destress. It doesn’t have to be a perfect walk, a perfect bath or a perfect drawing, painting or collage to be worth every minute you spent doing it — and hey drop that phone in a drinking glass and let it rip!!!


WONDERing about Pictures

So today I have been going through a big bunch of old black and white photos I bought when I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in California a few months ago. I love to look at old pictures. But there is always that little bit of me that feels sad that someones memories have just been purchased by a complete stranger for a few dollars. Of course when I am that complete stranger and the pictures that I purchased for a few dollars are just plain AWESOME — that is a completely different thing. It is getting harder to find old photographs and purchase them. I was really lucky to find these.

I will use these pictures for many years in my art and journaling. I can already see how great some of them will look collaged behind one of my gear ladies!! I love looking at the clothing, the shoes, the cat glasses (seriously – did no one tell these girls that there were choices!!!) – even the furnishings of the rooms and the lighting fixtures!! So I thought I would put a couple in today’s blog for you to enjoy.

Take a minute to Gander at these and WONDER what life was like then. I WONDER if they were happy. I mean it is hard to tell in some of them – I WONDER if the men in the pictures with uniforms survived and who was waiting for them to return. I WONDER if the children pictured together stayed friends for a lifetime. I WONDER how they wore those long, starched dresses and kept them clean!!!

Wonder is a good thing and wondering is always useful. Hope you enjoy the pictures and the wondering they encourage!! Gotta run and cheerfully create some imperfect wondering!!






Canvases Are Everywhere

I thought I would show you a pic of the “canvas” that I created on today. I needed to ship a kit that was ordered. After I put all the fun stuff for the kit in – I looked at the plain old box and thought — Nah – that doesn’t look very arty does it? So I grabbed the markers and got busy. I know it isn’t spectacular or splendiferous butI had a lot of fun and I have to believe that if I was receiving a package in the mail I would much rather have it be a cheerfully created imperfectly bright and fun colored box than just the standard white box.

It made me think about what other things I mark/paint/distress stain and Ink that are not technically canvases. And that made me think of this…

Perhaps you are not at a point where you can afford to spend money on primed canvases or nice quality art paper — Hey these boxes are FREE at the Post Office. Of course they assume you are going to use them to ship stuff but I didn’t sign anything and there are no signs up that say …”These boxes may not be used for creating Inky Goodness or Imperfect Art”. So I say they want you to take them and use them for stuff.

They are supposed to be mailed and I do sometimes but I also use them for practice canvases or splatter guards on my drying table and cutting mats when I have to Xacto blade a bunch of stuff. I don’t think you should go into your local post office with a Costco bag and grab all of the boxes that are there but you could grab a couple whenever you have time to stop and then those babies are yours….. !! I even have some fake mustaches and glasses – I will even lend you my wigs if you need them.

Have a good day. Remember that I am posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the Weekend now. I have begun to create for Christmas and a couple of craft/art shows that I am hoping to do. Between that and summer schedules of traveling and Grammy-ing it — I have decided to do a 3xweek blogging schedule. I know you are disappointed — eat a twinkie — it helps!!

Some other canvases you could possibly incorporate into your art fun are: sidewalks (w colored chalk), a chalkboard painted door that you can use chalk and chalkboard markers on, windows, refrigerator doors….the list goes on and on.

If you can only afford cheap paper to paint on – you might buy an inexpensive Matte Medium that you can coat the paper with and then you can paint on top of that lower quality paper you covered without it bleeding through or getting mushy.

Make time to Make Art — Take time to Cheerfully Create Imperfect Art!! You can leave me emails now on this site as well. I welcome your comments and feedback!!! Be Happy!