Gear Head

I thought i would show you what the oreos n diet coke produced for my little booth. I made several variations and they are all on blank notebooks that can be used for art journaling or list making or pages to put your chewed bubble gum on!!

Beginning next week i will be posting on tuesdays and thursdays and saturdays for your viewing pleasure!!

Have a good day today. Decide you are going to and do it. They can’t stop you!! I mean what can they do — we are way more scary than them!!!


Wish me Luck

Well — what can I say. I am in the groove and have this and that spread all over the place in my studio. I have to go to Bellas tomorrow and restock and I have exactly —- bubkiss – thats right less than nothing — zilch – nada – no mas!!!! But hey I do have some Diet Coke and some Oreo cookies and some baggie jeans to allow for expansion of me after consuming said snacks!!!! I mean it is only 5:30 at night — how much time could it take to create and finish about 5 projects??? I am starting to re-think that frisbee golf and lunch and a movie date with my sons and husband yesterday!!

Let the cheerfully creating of the imperfect art begin — Wish me luck!!!

I thought I would share a pic of the beautiful little eggs that are in the nest that now sits atop my porch light. The poor UPS delivery woman is getting KamaKazzeeeed by this momma bird on a daily basis. What — don’t look at me — Mr. Inky discovered Amazon Prime and now the boxes are arriving daily!!

See the beauty around you.




Computers Hate Me

Hey just a quick hello and note from my inky self. I haven’t been able to publish the post that I did yesterday. But Mr. Inky is home today and was able to do a soft reset and it started talking to my wireless again. Because we live out in the middle of nowhere we sometimes have these issues.

Its kind of like I am Arnold Shwartzeneger and instead of Rise of the Machines — It is Rise of the IPad and the Cell Phone!!!

Gotta Run


Under Construction

I was with my super geek of a son yesterday for four hours while he did his computer magic. He clicked and moved and highlighted and copied and adjusted my website. I was totally impressed with his ability to write computer directions to the computer in the language the computer speaks. Although he could have just been typing a bunch of letters and symbols and I wouldn’t have known any different!!! Just saying!!!

I am really happy with the results and I hope you like the changes too. The lady on the header is one of my gear goddesses that I have blogged about.

The site isn’t completely done yet but by the end of the week I hope to have the pics on the right page and some more cool visual stuff for the home page too. Hopefully soon you will be able to see some stuff for sale, some stuff I have taken pictures of on my road trips and some stuff that I have inked or stained or geared up!!

It feels like sometimes we need an “under construction” sign on our life doesn’t it??? Mine would, of course, be inked up and distressed and have wings, gears and probably a crown sitting askew on the corner — I think the important thing to remember as artists and as human beings – is that we aren’t done — we are under construction!!! Some times it is hard to be patient while the orange cones are out and the construction is happening. But hey — when the construction is over we get to hang a big florescent NEW AND IMPROVED sign on us!!!

Gotta run. Time to cheerfully create some imperfect art.