Monday’s Lists and Lights!

So today I am busy trying to get new stuff done for the shop I am selling out of up in Twin Falls. But I remembered that I saw some awesome light fixtures at IKEA that I wanted to show you. I swear one looks just like that thing that comes down on Darth Vader on the Star Wars movie!!





See what I mean. It looks like that thing – right!!! Now here is a pic of one that got my gears (pun intended) turning about my version of it with a different material.


Here is the material that I have that I think I can make an interesting version of it with:


Now all I have to do is figure out how to do it, …where to submit it,….. and how to ship it if I do figure out how to make it and where to submit it!!! Easy Peesy.

I hope your Monday finds you with lots of things on your list for the week to offer you opportunities to try new things, to take care of some stuff from last weeks list and the chance to choose to cheerfully create something you enjoy or simply make art!!! Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be AWESOME!!

My journey to cheerfully create imperfect art continues….


Not Every Idea Works

Okay so I was so happy with the results of my last trip to IKEA and how I altered that paper lantern that I decided to try something with a different paper lantern that I found this time…

Long story short —– I may be a one-hit wonder with the paper lanterns. Sad but true !!!

Here are some pics of my efforts. Seeing is believing they say and boy oh boy will you be a believer when you see these!!

Have a Good Friday and enjoy your weekend. I will spend mine painting walls and trim not unfortunately, canvases and watercolor paper.

Be Joyful and Be Present!!!


No I didn’t forget the pics — here you go:



Texas Trinkets

So I have enjoyed time on my trip to Texas (well except for those two days I spent sick as a three legged dog in the hotel room!!!) and thought I would post some pics that I found either fun, interesting, or disturbing —- you get to figure out which is which.

I am waiting for the death machine and have my diet coke and happy pills ready. For those of you who have traveled with me before (the names of whom have been changed to protect the innocent!!!) NO — I will not be eating any peanuts while under the influence of the happy pills.

I have received my contract from Cloth, Paper, Scissors for my upcoming article and project piece and evidently my two huge boxes that Mr. mailed for me have arrived safely and my cut-outs and project samples have been approved and we are off to the races.

Speaking of races and…. also of being off…. gotta jet. Wish me luck. I wonder if the pilot would care if I sat up there with him and gave him tips and made sure that he is really flying it himself and not watching some movie on Netflix and then I accidentally end up in the Bermuda Triangle and the craft world mourns….. Heck no, he’ll probably love the idea!

The journey continues….


Here are some of the pics: