Tuesday’s Technique

Okay so I thought I would try a new technique that I heard about and see if it would work for me. ….. Spoiler Alert…….IT DIDN’T!!!!

I painted acrylic paint on my canvas and then put a xerox , image down, into the wet acrylic paint. Then I dried it with my Tim Holtz drying tool. After I was sure it was thoroughly dry I put water on the back of the picture and began to roll the paper off with my fingers.


I worked on this dang thing for like an hour and in the end it just didn’t do what it was supposed to. I am going to have to experiment with this technique and see what I did wrong. I am disappointed that it didn’t work but I love playing with different techniques that I hear about or read about. The fun of art is trying new things and seeing what works for you and what helps you and what isn’t worth the effort or bother.

I am beginning to think that this particular technique falls in the second category for me….but never say die……i will keep on trying to figure it out. If it does work right it would allow me to have a xeroxed picture that actually imbeds into the acrylic paint and looks like an image that was painted onto the paint. Of course you need a copyright image to begin with, or you can draw something freehand and simply make a copy of it on the xerox and go to it.

Here is my end product of the imperfect technique trial. Have a good day and remember to play. Trying new things can be as simple as doodling a design in a little book to see what sizes and shapes you do well at . You then plop that image on your copier and enlarge the image and then paint that bad boy up!!! Ta – Dah !!!


Tah – Dah

So it only took me 4 hours but i got my booth set up at Bella’s. Take a gander:

Notice the cool book – bookshelves n the wire jewelry display thingy.




Wish me luck. I start selling tomorrow.

I am soooo excited to see if anyone buys stuff. I will let u know.

Just A Spoonful of…..

Okay so I found these great spoons at the Canton Flea Market


You know I couldn’t let them just be spoons —— So I got out a hammer and my Anvil Block…… Tah dah dah…..



Now I just have to figure out what words I am going to stamp on them!! The Journey Continues….


Two More Days

So I have two days until I set up my space at Bella’s in Twin Falls, Idaho. My hands are ink stained and rust is smeared all over from the gears . But I am sooooo excited about my little space. Right now the space looks like this:



You can see that It is a small space . It is going to take some creative display mojo to make use of every inch. Luckily one of my friends is a display ninja and has given me all kinds of good advice. She has even loaned me a great jelly-cupboard to use. I have to admit that I didn’t know it had a name but — it does!! I don’t have a pic of it here but I am going to post pics of my set up and I am sure I will have a tale to tell. I have made these cool shelves out of books too.


I still take way too long to create each piece and so I have to start small. I am beyond excited though!!!

I will be taking some of my jewelry, some altered books and lots of my gear ladies and gear birds to Bella’s .

So look out thursday for some pics of the process and the new little booth I am using. I even made a big “inkymee” sign out of letters that looks MAR-VA-LUS!!!!! Just Sayin.

Have a good monday and don’t forget to make a list of the things you are going to do for yourself while you are writing down the grocery shopping, pay bills, pay rent……. If we don’t write it down, we won’t do it. So stop reading and start writing….. i mean it,…right now…. go write it down……