Houston …. We have a Problem!!!

The road trip continues and now we are in Houston. Last night found us in downtown Houston in the Theatre Under the Stars. We were watching WE WILL ROCK YOU, The Musical by QUEEN and Ben Elton!!! It is a cool musical which has lots of the legendary hits of the British rock group, Queen. Nuff Said.

Mr. Inky was in his element and loved it. Inky-Mee was enjoying it but lets be honest — I had just flown in two not one but two of those little Flintstone planes and that means that because of a 2 hour layover I had to take two of the happy pills. I can report that no chex-mix or peanuts were consumed!!!….. But, come on now, you knew there was going to be a but…… Evidently I was snoring quite badly. I know it must have been embarrassing because Mr. Inky jogged my elbow and made me stop—-TWICE!!! I am just saying it was only an hour and some few minutes flight both times — how bad could the snoring be???? Evidently it was bad. I mean the man was listening to the St. Crispin’s Speech on his device and it even interrupted that — must have been bad.

But I digress (as I often do in these posts). I am having lots of great experiences and am excited to return and begin to rent a space in Twin Falls called Bellas. I will show some of my gear ladies and gear jewelry, gear birds…. you get the idea. A couple of other ladies are joining me but I should probably ask their permission before I put their names down here — I mean, these broads could be in the witness protection program for all I know. Well I am pretty sure one of them is, or will be someday!!!!

I have a small notebook that I have with me and have been putting down ideas in. It is such a great thing how the people that I love, like and respect are truly supportive of my efforts. My son-in-law was talking to me about my art the other day and said that he had an idea he thought would work. He is an Electrician and brought out some great bits and pieces from the trash around the worksite — AWESOME!!! I am already trying to figure out all the cool things that I will make with them. Then my little Pumpkin-Pie told me, Grammy, you could take a washer thing and cut it in half and then use that for a lady’s eyelashes (the washer thing is an external tooth washer). Again, … AWESOME!!!

I feel gratitude for the opportunity to take a trip with Mr. Inky, for friends that tease and love me, and for Children and Grand-Children who believe what I and C.S. Lewis believe, “…Your never too old to have a new dream…”.

Sometimes I ask myself why at my age I am doing these things and trying these other things and journaling and art-journaling and taking courses and learning to paint faces….. my only answer — I just can’t help it!!! I have begun to need it and what it feeds within me and what it releases and teaches me.

So go do something today that you just can’t help!!!! Unless it involves a mask, a weapon, and a really big bag with a drawstring to put the cash into!!!! Just Sayin!!


Your Never Too Young

Hello from the Road. I am wearing my cowboy boots and lots of bling and I have even given myself some big hair for the occasion. Why??? Because I am in Texas. Mr. Inky and I are enjoying Grammy and Pop Pop time with our little grandkids and of course that means that I have spent time playing “Break the Ice”, “Putting together Cootie Bugs” , and of course some pediatric collage-ing!!! While I am doing these things that any normal adult does with children 5 years old —– Mr. Inky is playing chess with them!!!! Surprisingly they actually seem to like it!!! I can’t remember the rules of Chess now and they are doing at their young ages.

My Grandson made this creation for me after looking at my blog. He told me, “Grammy I made a collage of all different things like on your pictures too”. I thought it was adorable of course.

Take a Look:


Then we decided that he needed an “E” for his bedroom wall and so after a quick hop skip and a jump to wallmart we have assembled the most magnificent sparkly E in all of Texas!!!



Well I am being called back over for some paper crafting – you know the call, it goes something like……” Grammy you said you would make a paper caterpillar with me, Remember….” And I do remember and so I gotta run!!!

Take time today to make something fun with glue, paint and paper. It brings out the kid in all of us and lets face it everything looks better with a little glitter on it.



The Death Machine

So hello from the road trip that me and Mr. Inky are on . WE have made it to Dallas Fort Worth and am waiting for our jump plane to Amarillo where I can see my Grand babies and all. The first death machine wasn’t too bad but I guess I over did it with the happy pills and Mr. informs me that I was eating my chex-mix (which cost a nominal $3.50) very s l o w l y one piece at a time. He says that I would occasionally misjudge the distance to my mouth. Evidently I would take from the bag one piece at a time and then slooooowwwwwly bring it towards my mouth and then it was kind of a system of hit or miss at that point. I of course can not remember this and he has been known to make stuff up — just sayin!!! However the girls from my recent trip to CHA said that I did the peanuts that way during that plane trip. Of course they have been known to tease me too — just sayin!! I can’t be sure but I believe I may have a snack eating problem while under the influence of happy flying pills.

We are waiting to get on our last plane that will take us to Amarillo. I think it might actually be the missing plane from the Ken and Barbie set I once had.. I can’t be sure but it does not look like it was made for normal size human passangers. I am just saying that I think that when it is time for this sucker to take off we might actually all need to put our arms out the windows and flap. Mr. Inky assures me that I am being silly and that they don’t ask for the passenger’s help until it is time to stop and then they will simply want us to put our legs out and Fred Flintstone that sucker to a stop!!!

Wish me luck. Oh and should all go well. Check out the blog later for big news on the selling my stuff front. I sold one of my ladies yesterday and hopefully have rented a space that will allow me to sell on a regular basis.

Find time today to be fully present in whatever you are encountering. Life is what is happening all around you and inspiration exists all around you to be used to fuel your creative energy or your negative and frustrated energy. Your choice.