Happy Day Before

So first of all ……..Happy Day Before!!!

Second of all::: I have to explain why you have started to hear reports I went over the wall and therefore there were no posts for the last several days. So about the time I think I have this blogging thing down stuff starts to go caflooo-E (its a technical term — look it up). Mr. Inky and I went on a little get-away and I did posts and scheduled them to be published on certain days during our absence and during this week. This morning before I get in full crazy mode I decide to take a look and make sure all is well with my site and all I see is the second part of the Meme story ! None of the posts I did ahead of time and scheduled to be uploaded at certain times on certain days are even showing to my tens of readers!! &%$##@—what is going on???

I know several of you are probably shaking by now because of the delay. But have hope — My supergeek of a son is coming home for holiday tonight and he will fix all with this dang program and tell me what I touched, clicked or swiped that I wasn’t supposed to. Of course I only base that on past experiences — but I’m pretty sure it is something I did that I wasn’t supposed to do that has messed it up.
Whenever I try to get clever and go to the administration site of my blog and change /update stuff bad things start to happen……
I’m talkin I ate the chips, the salsa, the two diet cokes, and all my dinner while wearing my skinny jeans bad!!!!! So I promise to have fixed whatever needs to be and …..nuff said.

I hope that you find tiime today to journal, draw or just sit still for a minute and just listen to yourself. If you are waiting until you have time you never will. We seem to make time for everything/everyone but our own creative time. So give yourself a gift today of taking a bit of time.


Is This A Sherri Timmons Original

I am soooo sorry but I am at Meme’s for dinner and she mentioned that this post never showed up. So here it is.

I am sorry that you had to wait for the part two or a two part story.

Okay so I promised to tell you about my Inky-Meme and my Dad and how funny they were at last weekends Craft Show. I swear to you this is what she did. My mom would come up to our booth and would pick up one of my Gear Ladies and would say in a loud voice to whoever was manning the booth right then — Is it true that this is a Sherri Timmons Original??? To which my girlfriends (who thought it was hilarious and wanted to play right along) answere, “why yes it is!! My mom then asks, “but I thought she only showed in Galleries? Their response, ” ohhhh she does but as a favor to us she is showing a few pieces today – the only reason she could afford to mark her stuff so reasonable is because she didn’t have to pay gallery fees!!!! I kid you not this is how it went. I actually had to leave the booth and walk away because I was so embarrassed. — I even caught my mom over at the hot dog vendors telling them and everyone else there who was squirting mustard on their hotdogs that they needed to go catch the Timmons originals in the booth – that she did amazing work and was only here as a favor instead of the gallery.

Sometimes she would wait until the little booth was full of women who would be picking up my stuff and looking at it and saying something to each other about it and she would step in close to them and tell them how she had heard that the artists was here and was only showing with these girls as a favor but that usually her stuff shows at all the best galleries. HILARIOUS!!!!

Of course this is the same woman who after adopting me at ten years of age would sit around with her card dealers visor on and would have all of us kids and several of the neighborhood kids sit around and play 21 for the chores for the day. I can still hear her saying, “Okay this is for the kitchen”. And then I would usually loose!! I can’t prove that she dealt from the bottom but I am just sayin!!!

Enjoy this Christmas Holiday today and look around you for something that brings you joy. (besides a sale on some gift!!!)

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today and thanks and welcome to the new followers I have now from the “Magically Mixed Art Community” Group on Facebook. By the way, if you ever want to check out my FB page it is simply under my name, Sherri Timmons.

Be creative, Be happy and Be Yourself!!



I Actually Sold Stuff

Okay so here is the big news that literally dozens of you have been waiting for…. okay maybe not dozens…. maybe a dozen… anyway here it is. I sold stuff at the Papoose Club Craft Show last weekend. I was sooo nervous as I stood there with my amazing girlfriends Lisa, Jann and Michelle. Here are a couple of pics of our booth:




We had the cutest booth there and each of my friends did very well. I ended up selling 4 ladies and 2 of the birds. I know that isn’t amazing to anyone to me — but I can’t describe how affirming and brilliant it felt. As you know if you have been following this blog — I have been busy learning and doing the art that speaks to me. But I think I always wondered if maybe the people that were telling me it was good were just being kind or were saying it because they were related to me!!!

I feel so blessed to be able to do something that I love and to know that there are those out there that my art speaks to enough that they will open their wallets and part with some cash!!! ( or even use a credit card — I learned how to use that square thing that you attach to your phone and it processes credit cards for you)!!!

So, for me this show was not about the money (but I did make a couple of hundred dollars) but rather about learning how a craft show works and which of my pieces are the most popular. Thank you to my creative girlfriends from Twin Falls — It was such a great learning experience and because of them –they allowed me to share their booth I was able to learn in a safe environment and benefit from their experience and know how.

Check in tomorrow to read about Inky-Meme and how hilarious she was at the show. She and my father drove over 3 hours in a snow storm just to walk around and pretend they didn’t know me and talk up my stuff to others — I mean it — it was hilarious. So check back tomorrow.

I hope you get the chance today to create something that you enjoy. Remember to be grateful for what you have and who you are sharing it with. Even if it isn’t perfect it can still be precious!!!