Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for taking the time in-between eating your pumpkin-pie, rolls, turkey , watching the parade and the football games and the rest of it to check out the post today. (notice how the pie is first on the list of what I think of for the meal)!!! Just Sayin.

I finished one of my ladies for my craft show and posted her on facebook but thought I would post her here too. So here she is.


I am trying to shut off that gremlin in my head that tells me that I am wasting huge amounts of time and that no one is going to see in this what I do and that I should just not go to this craft show and not bother trying to sell my stuff. == Luckily the other ladies that I am sharing a booth with at the show all seem to be having this same crisis so I feel like it is possibly normal.

When listing your “thankfuls” remember to add art to the list. It lets something out in many of us that we have not let out before now and though often imperfectly done it brings joy to my life and allows me to cross off at least one of those “”I wonder if I would have done __________ if I would have been any good””.

Gotta run = I am off to InkyMeme’s and Papa’s to eat large quantities of chex mix covered in chocolate and powdered sugar , pumpkin pie, rolls, ……. I will probably eat a few bites of turkey too. Oh and large amounts of diet coke are sure to be consumed.

I am well. I hope you are too.


The Newlywed & Nearly Dead

So this weekend I had this brainstorm to invite my sons and their new wives – not that they had old ones – it is just that both my boys were married this past summer — one day apart!!!! I am still shaking. And my credit card is still smoking.

So back to this invite idea. With only 10 days to go until I am in my FIRST EVER craft show I decided that rather than use my entire Sunday for getting some of my imperfect art done — I would be hostess to a dinner party and that after that dinner party we would play my version of “The Newlywed Game”. Of course then I was on the phone with Inky-Meme and got a brain wave — I invited the two old people and then called it ….. wait for it…. The Newlywed and Nearly Dead Game!!! Brilliant !!

Then I sweetened the deal by offering as the prize — A Turkey!!! Actually the only reason that there was a prize given was that I was grocery shopping and the clerk told me when I was checking out that I got a free turkey because I had spent more than $100. — So after doing my part to stimulate the economy, I decided that what newly married, young couple could resist a free dinner and the possibility of a frozen Gobbler. As soon as the texts were sent out the smack talking/texting began. Each couple telling the other that they were going to mop the floor with the other!! It was pretty hilarious to watch.

It was great fun to watch these young couples try to predict what their spouse would say to questions such as, ” how many pairs of shoes does your wife have?” or “What does your wife pay for a haircut?” or “How many sit-ups will your husband say he can do?” or “What is your husband’s idea of the perfect meal?”. … By the way — Papa’s answer for the haircut was— as much as she wants!!!— I loved it.

Here are a couple of pics of our game. I now have 9 days to go to finished all of the cheerfully created, imperfect art that is on-tap for the craft show. Wish me luck!!! I have stocked up on Diet Cokes and treats — now i am going to make it happen captain.





Not Loving It

So here is the pic of the tree topper that I am trying to re-make. I know i called it re-purposing yesterday but hey the purpose is still the same – it is supposed to sit on top of a Christmas tree with lots of presents for me underneath it!!!

So take a gander?

Here it is before:


Here it is when I started messing with it:


And here it is now — not finished but I am kind of diggin it. I still need to gear it up some more and i have a couple more rusted and dented stuff to add. But take a look.




A Star Is well….. Repurposed

Okay so today finds inkymee working on re-purposing a star tree topper that I bought with my friend Kay in Texas recently. i have about 10 days to finish everything for the show ….. can you spell stressed!!

I thought i would share a pic of my work in progress. So here is the before — the star tree-topper that I bought in a store that shall remain nameless but rhymes with Lobby Hobby…. what…. it does.


And here is a pic of the work-n-progress. My idea is to gear up this bad boy and steam punk this thing up. Of course it may be one of those things that looks really awesome in my head and then when I make it I look at it and thing — maybe if I wear a costume I could drop it off at Goodwill. You never know – someone could buy it and re-purpose it…… and the circle continues.


Now before you start thinking that my mojo has mo-gone — remember I just started it and I will post a pic tomorrow of it in all of its awesomeness!!!

Have a good Wednesday and remember that part of the fun of making art is making yourself try new things. Gotta go cheerfully create some imperfect art!!!