Texas travel.



So this week finds me on the road and in the junk / antique stores.
I drove 10 hours yesterday — i had definitely lost my cherub-like demeanor by the time i hit Amarillo!!!

But a few hours of sleep- a Texas. Sized Diet Coke and the promise of hitting the antique / junk / consignment stores here in Amarillo have restored it.

My friend and i went to a great little shop called Lizzy Mae’s today. Saw lots of Kelly Rae Roberts and Christy Tomlinson’s stuff there. Gotta love those licensing agreements!!


Dented Poetry On A Thursday

I know, I know, I don’t usually post on Thursdays because Mr. Inky is home and we are busy going to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner but …. I had a wild hair!!

So today the guy is here putting up the new wireless internet stuff so I have to stick around upstairs and can’t hit the creation chamber — a.k.a. my office, a.k.a. the studio, a.k.a. the place where I watch MASH and eat cookies and drink diet coke, a.k.a. my craft-room!! Since I was stuck upstairs I figured I would clean something and while cleaning the kitchen …. brainwave.

I bought this old metal hinged box with handle while Inkymeme and I were hitting the vintage flea market a few weeks ago here in Idaho. The thing has been on the counter of the kitchen while I figured out what I wanted to do with it. A few sips of an ice cold Diet Coke (the nectar of the Gods) later , and — tadah!!! I realized that I had a bunch of those magnetic words that are cool to play around with to make poetry or sayings or Haikus etc. sitting somewhere waiting for me to decide what I would do with them. But Inkymee you say, why weren’t those suckers on the fridge already? — nay nay I reply — that would be way too easy.

So now my awesome dented old rusted metal square box has potatoes on the inside and poetry on the outside!!! Both of these things are necessary in a happy life — Just Sayin!!

Here’s a Pic!


Thanks to those of you who have recently signed up to receive my posts by email. I get so excited to see that someone has signed up!!. Thank you. You make me happier than a Hobo with a Ham Sandwich!!


I’m A Little Tea Pot


Okay so today’s post was supposed to be about what I made with the cool glossy chicken pictures that I have been hacking away at—- but ….hasn’t happened yet. So I thought I would share the pic of the amaze-balls little teapot/robot/harvest vegetable that my friend gave me.

Is it adorable or what.

Thats it

Thats all I got today

Got to paint a barn!

Okay so Mr. is painting the barn, but I gave him the tape he is using to tape off the windows, and I stood next to him while he picked out which sprayer he liked and I DEFINITELY picked out the color of the stain…. which is called…..wait for it….. Barn Red!! But other than that my contribution has been to ask him how it is going as he comes in the house for a drink or a sandwich.!!!

What I really have to do is run into town now and buy some more artistic wire and some more bits and bobs for my collages that I am making of my ladies. My Chicken pics and my mermaid creations are on my docket for later today.

Have a good week. Enjoy the list making of monday and the anticipation of all that you are going to do this week. And don’t forget to make some time to make some art — even if it is imperfect. The Journey Continues…..