My lady in waiting

Here is a pic of what i put on yesterdays canvas. She isnt completely done yet but its getting about there.


The trick for me is knowing when to stop. I am about to the yellow light but dont see the red yet!! Have a good day and make time to make art.


Just a Look

Sorry haven’t posted before today this week. I am getting ready for a upcoming show as well as a trip or two and painting my barn and it is Mr. Inky’s last week at his job here….. you get the idea.

So here is a look at a project I am working on.


I will add things to the collage like faces and words and thoughts.

Speaking of thoughts — here is one. It doesn’t have to be perfect to make us perfectly happy. I am far from a great artist but I enjoy the process of creating and what it fixes inside of me and what it allows me to feel and try. Maybe you will too.

Try it


Tuesday’s Tip

Okay so now that I am obsessed with Collage and Mermaids I am learning several interesting things — and knowing that you are sitting on the edge of your couches munching away on your graham crackers and reading this — here is the tip:

Glossy pics from a magazine work wayyyyyyyy better than the flat/matte surface pages when you are cutting out elements to use in collage. The matte/flat pages of some of the most popular art magazines right now just soak up the adhesive or the medium that I use but the glossy covered pics are much better at letting me fuss with them.

I was surprised that I can buy some of the fashion model magazines that are about and inch thick for about $6. I have been hacking away at this thing and am quickly getting a big pile of faces and textures and lettering that I can use.

Check in later this week to see another mermaid.

Be art-venturous today and embrace something new!