Thursday’s Off

So I just wanted to blog a quick note to let you know that I am going to stop blogging on Thursdays because that is my day with Mr. Inky. I will still be posting blogs about my creative journey and my imperfect life and even more imperfect artistic creations — but no Thursdays.

Have a good day and take the opportunity to notice something positively good about your day. Mr. Inky and I are off to Inky Meme’s to help dry up the basement that flooded during the recent flash flood rains that came to her town.


Daisy J’s

Okay so the store that I mentioned earlier this week in my posts that was soooooo cool was called “Daisy J’s”!!! Here is a picture of her card:


I found the cutest Kraft Paper Table Runners and Kraft Paper Place Mats!! Check these out!!!



I enjoyed browsing through this eclectic mix of funky, shabby chic merchandise. Jennifer was friendly and we chatted about journals, some great naughty cards that she had there and while we were chatting she reaches over and gives me this pad of Cheese Serving Papers Kitchen Papers that are printed with a “Cutlery” design. They are designed by Charla Steele (who I don’t know anything about – but it says she designed them on the package).



How cool is that. She didn’t know that I would blog about her or expect anything out of it — she was just being her. She made my day!!! I mean she didn’t know that I could reach literally tens of people with my blog !!!!! — I haven’t figured out how I am going to use the papers yet (cuz you know I can’t just use them for what they were designed for!!!) but I will let you know.

So look for a blog in the future about how I cheerfully created –cheese serving paper –imperfect art. Be cheerful and create something this week.


Resin Resignation

So today is the day when I show you the pic of the resin pieces that I made that I was hoping would turn our clear and ta-da-da-dah beautiful funky. But that “not measuring” thing has come back and bit me in the backside and so here are the not so clear and ta-da-da-dah beautiful funky pieces. The idea is still one I want to use – namely the “go to the hardware store and buy a bunch of stuff that is made for some other purpose but looks like something I could make something cool out of ” idea — but I am definitely going to measure the resin and activator stuff better tonight when I try it again.


Tomorrow I will post pics and tell about that great little store I found on my trip last week with Mr. Inky. It had such a great vibe and the owner was stinkin amazing. See ya tomorrow.

Be creative, Be cheerful and Be positive.