Spent Monday

So I spent This Weekend with two fiancĂ©’s, two sons, two friends, too many meals, two grandparents and two wedding receptions to plan — so I am tooo tired to do a post today!!!

Have a good day.

Be Creative, Be Yourself and Be Patient!!!


So the quote for the day is:

There are gifts we should give our children
one is roots
the other is wings.

We need to give ourselves roots and wings as well as artists. While we are trying to fly to something our soul tells us to try; we need to remember our roots and our connections to those important in our lives.

be happy
be creative
be yourself


Not Me – Not This Time

Well I got my e-mail from Lesley Riley. I had submitted a quote and artwork for an upcoming book that she is working on. It is going to be a selection of quotes and the artwork that was created based on them and how they spoke to the artists involved.

I hadn’t heard anything from her and the deadline has come so I emailed her. She said that my submission “fell through the cracks”. She apologized of course but said that there was a problem with the YOUSENDIT program that she asked us to use. So long story short — she had already filled the spots and because mine wasn’t properly downloaded to her computer for some reason she never got it.

On the bright side I now can show it here .


I plan to add it to some pieces that I am hoping to sell at a craft fair.

Have a good day and remember that if we never try we will never know if we can. — Then again sometimes when we do try we still have something that we can’t control go wrong and get screwed!!! But hey — keep trying anyway!!

Here’s to more creative journeys.