Traveling Texas

Hello from the Road. Thats right – on top of now having two sons getting married one day apart!!!! I have added a quick road trip to Texas. I just jumped in the Murano – turned on The Lord of the Rings Unabridged Book on CD and let her rip!! I made it to Amarillo before disc 12 and that is some good driving I can tell ya. That is my explanation for the lack of posts for the last week or so. I did warn you that with the two engagements coming back-to-back and having a house guest for a week it would be sparse and boy was it. I haven’t done any creating in about a week and I must admit that I am feeling a bit shakier than normal. I think I may be going through withdrawals from the inks and stains that are normally on my finger tips and under my nails. When I can go to bed without having to take a little brush and scrub the dried gel medium or mod podge off of my hands or put Spray n Wash on the shirt where I have leaned over something and it has jumped right onto my shirt — I know it has been too long since I have created something. I have been art journaling though so I thought I would show you a couple of pages that I prepped for journaling with Tim Holtz’ Distress Inks and Stains!!! I will paste, staple, rip and tape all over these suckers but I like to put some color down first. That is one of the great things about Distress Inks they can be used as preps or as the main attraction on the art pieces that you are creating. Take a gander!



Have a good day and look for something green. Green means spring and Spring means hope and hope is always a good thing to think about. I bought a couple of cool new craft supplies at one of those big art places here in texas (you know everything is bigger here!!!) and am excited to try them out and show ya’ll how they work.

Now I have to go create some imperfect art with my friend Kay. Thanks for checking in with me today.


Tarantulas and Weddings

So- I now have a house full of young adults!! My two sons are going to be married two days apart!! Thats right you read it right — two days apart!! They both love their sister and so decided that they would make it a two-fer so she wouldn’t have to drive/fly from texas twice within a short period of time with two little children. How nice is that. (actually I think they just can’t wait to get hitched and they want to watch me and Inkymeme go a little crazy with the reception/open-house) I am already getting the daily phone calls from the Meme —“…hey did you know they have a photo booth that you can rent and then you can let guests have their pics taken and then give some to the couple and some to the guests?” I am telling you this woman can throw a party!!!

Anyway because of a house full of young adults and all that goes with it I will only be posting a few things this week. —

Ohhh the tarantula part is that one of my sons has talked me into getting a tarantula because evidently these suckers give off some kind of pheromone that tells all the other spiders to go away or they will be eaten. Since I happen to live where there are Hobo Spiders and I hate those things I have decided to go ahead and let him get the tarantula. So no doubt the experience will provide blog fodder in the future. I mean how can you have a pheromone full tarantula and not end up with something interesting to write about.

Believe it or not I did find some time to work on one of my pieces for the inventory that I am trying to get so that I can open and ETSY shop soon. This piece is still not finished but I have added a couple of the goodies that I got from the “suitcase of joy” from Cathe. (who by the way sent me the sweetest message after reading my blog – oh and the lips were brought by Michelle’s sister evidently and not Cathe!)

Here’s the pic. Oh – I have some news from a query I sent to Somerset magazine too but I have taken my sleeping pill and I will save that for the next post…. ta da da daaaaaaaaaa****


PART 2 of the Suitcase


Okay – so as promised here is part two. I am sitting in Mr. Inky’s truck and we are driving up to see our future DIL (Daughter In-Law) graduate from BYU- Idaho. He is telling me something about Buddha and Will Durrant (the historian) and I am nodding and clicking along as I type this… Lets be honest he wants to tell me about it – he doesn’t really want my input on it!!! Sorry Mr. Inky.

How amazing is it that I can type my post while driving with Mr. in a truck going down the freeway listening to him now talk about why are they making the Chubbuck Overpass bigger? How do I know why they are making it bigger. Maybe they like big overpasses, maybe they are expecting some important dignitary that likes big overpasses… the list is endless. Anyway on to the story…

Cathe and I were visiting on the airplane after the two lovely women from Twin Falls had fallen asleep. We chatted each other up and found we had several things in common and that we enjoyed visiting with one another. For example, she has an adopted daughter and I am an adopted daughter. She was obviously someone who had a strong internal moral compass and had done things in her life that she shared just in the course of normal back and forth of “getting-to-know-you chit chat” that many would be impressed by. She mentioned these things barely at all; and as I have continued my friendship with her she consistently almost completely ignores any mention of her good qualities and gifts. She is still surprised, I think, that so many people seem to like to take her classes and she seems to be genuinely pleased when asked to teach at different venues. She will soon be teaching at Spellbound 2 in California. That is a big deal and the magazines and internet are already a buzz with pictures and ads for this venue. She is teaching with other very talented women and yet I think she still sees herself different from them. And she is different from them, she is more amazing and more talented and more lovely. Period. I mean I don’t know any of those other broads but I’m just sayin….

When I saw Cathe at CHA in Orange several months ago she was just as warm and friendly and she joined my friends and I for dinner.

When she found out that I was trying to develop my art and jump in the “pool” she was absolutely encouraging. She quietly mentioned that if I had any questions or needed information that I could email her and she would be happy to help if she could. I mean, this woman is a big deal and she is still willing to help me. She wasn’t threatened by me or see me as some kind of competition. (hey – wait a minute- maybe that was because she doesn’t think that my stuff is any good—) She was happy for me and encouraged me to try to do what I wanted to do artistically.

20130412-154808.jpg This is Cathe and I at the Restaurant. She had brought the lips!!!

Thanks again Cathe for the friendship and the beautiful suitcase of ephemera. Yesterday when I was taking pictures I realized there was even more on the bottom of the little compartments. I found amazing ephemera dated from the 30’s and 40’s. Sooooo inky cool…..


A Suitcase of Joy


As promised I have the pics of the lovely suitcase that Cathe Holden made for me as a gift. She has a great blog with all kinds of ideas that you can get to by clicking on her name above. She also writes for SCJohnson on their website. She teaches classes around the country, she has a brand new book out too – but more on that in tomorrow’s post. Anyway – She wrote about me on her blog several weeks ago. I didn’t even realize it at first. A friend of mine Facebooked me and asked if I had read Cathe’s blog yet and told me to take a look. I couldn’t believe it. It was one of those gifts that comes completely unexpected and touches something inside of you.

I alluded to the struggles I have had recently in yesterday’s post. Finding out about this gift from my friend came on one of my lowest days and I can not describe how much that helped heal me and made me feel loved and liked and thoroughly demonstrated kindness and softness and grace. I will always be grateful to her for that. The fact that she has shared some of her personal ephemera stash with me makes it even more meaningful. Perhaps only those of us who hoard this kind of stuff can appreciate how difficult it is to give it up to another. – hey we might need it for a project that is coming up!!! Okay my eyes are all misty now so I am moving on.

You know when you meet someone and you click!! Well that is how it was for she and I. We met on an airplane (aka the death machine) when we were both on the way to Creative Connection in St. Paul Minn. which Ms. Jo Packham organized. I didn’t know who Cathe was or that she was so amazingly talented. The trip to St. Paul was for me an awakening, creatively. But meeting Cathe may have been the best part of that experience!!

I met her sitting on the plane (yes I was drugged with the happy pill)………. more on this story in the next post. And yes – that is my way of getting two days of blog material out of one story. I’m sneaky like that – just sayin.

Here are the pics. Have a good day and take time to appreciate something lovely in your life today.
Or maybe even send an unexpected gift to someone. Your heart will tell you who!!!