A weed

So — you guys know that not every technique can be a winner. I have been wanting to try encaustic (fancy word for working with wax and depressions) techniques for a while but it is a bit harder than just grabbing the gel medium and a canvas or my watercolors and a canvas. But tonight I was determined to try it and I gave it a whirl. .. Of course that meant adding a little touch of ink…

Okay so it doesn’t exactly Zing but hey at least I have tried it for the first time and hey – my first few attempts at meatloaf were nasty too. But now it is a reasonably facsimile of meatloaf – so I am sure that my wax stuff will get better.

Or – word to the wise – don’t buy soy wax and think that it probably doesn’t make a difference even though all the books and the mag articles tell you to use Bees Wax. Long story short – it does!!!

Here’s the pic


See I wasn’t being humble – it kind of bites. But it will get better. What can I say – I don’t know nothin bout paintin with wax Miss Scarlet!!

Have a good day and take time to be positive.

Inky Me

Mirror Mirror …

So I have been working on my Quote Book project submission all this week. It had to be in by Midnight yesterday and ….. ta, ta, da, dah — Made It!!! I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to change the pixels (what the heck are pixels anyway) and the file format of the picture of my submission. BUT — only after copious amounts of diet coke, inky fingers, self-doubt and peanut M&Ms!! I can’t post a pic here of it until I find out if I will be selected for this edition of the book but I think it works.

I am slowly learning when creating some art that feeling when you realize that a piece works and it is a strange thing how you can work and work on some project and then all of a sudden it comes to you while you are doing something else – what it is that the piece you are working on needs to make it better. For me – this ta da moment occurred while eating a spoon of creamy peanut butter that I dip into the chocolate chips ( what can I say – the M&Ms were gone and I had to go for the discount version of a peanut butter cup)!!

Speaking of that process I have a pic to share of a frame that I had been working on but it wasn’t speaking to me and the fat lady had not sung – so i just kept eating snacks, drinking diet coke, and thinking about it. — I think I finally got it. Look below and see what you think.


I started with just the lazer cut frame from a hobby store and then inked it up and crackle painted it up and then stained the little birdies and started gluing.

Mr. Inky and I are off to a couples weekend and I plan to come back with a small travel art journal, an even better relationship and good memories. I hope you get to enjoy some time to cheerfully create some imperfect art.