My Quote Got Picked

I am so excited!! A couple of weeks ago I submitted a quote for a project that Lesley Riley was allowing submissions for. Lesley Riley Guess what????? — My Quote was selected!! So that gives me the opportunity to create a mixed media piece that shows what the quote means to me. Cool huh!!

The quote I submitted was by Walt Whitman, “Re-examine all you have been told…Dismiss what insults your soul”.

I am so happy for the chance to be part of this Quote Book Project and hopefully I will be able to tell you hundreds and hundreds of readers (okay …50 or so) that I am actually published in the Quote Book some time in 2013. You may remember that I had set a goal for myself at the beginning of this new year – to sign up for an art show before the end of January. That is why I signed up for this project which isn’t exactly an art show but hey I had to sign up and take the chance. There is ART involved and I could SHOW someone the book —- so…… I signed up for an art show.

I will of course be posting pictures of the project as I create it. Now time to set another goal… But first…… The happy dance!!!!…… Gotta Happen……… hap, hap, happy dance!!

Have a good Thursday and choose positivity. I am going to spend some time at my favorite altered art store in a couple of days and then there will be some sassy snowmobiling for Mr. Inky’s birthday. Make time for art!!! As for this inky gal (me) – I will continue to cheerfully create imperfect art. The journey continues.


Vaseline and Paint

So I have been learning new techniques to use as I try to create new collage backgrounds to use with my art. This weekend I was looking through Claudine Hellmuth’s Book called, “Collage Discovery Workshop”. Claudine Hellmuth’s Website

The book which is the size of a magazine and is found in the crafting section isn’t new but I only recently came on it at B & N Bookstore Barnes & Noble. So anyway when I saw that an aged look could be achieved by just using acrylic paint and vaseline – you know I was on that like a hobo on a ham sandwich!!! First I took a canvas and gave it a base coat and let it dry. Then you take a blob (it is a technical term) and rub it on the canvas here and there – but you don’t want it to be completely covered. This next part was the hard part for me – You paint on top of the vaseline covered canvas with a slightly watered down acrylic paint. It feels weird but I did it – when the canvas was completely covered with that layer I let it dry – which is french for I can’t wait that long so I took out my handy dandy Ranger craft heating tool Ranger Industries and blasted that petroleum covered canvas until it was dry as a bone!!! Then you just wipe off the canvas with a dry cloth and the paint that is on top of the Vaseline comes right off and the areas that weren’t covered with it accept the paint. It really does achieve a nice aged look. Some of the greasiness was still on there so I took a handy dandy baby wipe and wiped the canvas down.

Here is a pic of what the first step looked like.


Here is a pic of the finished technique.


I can see a lot of potential for this technique as I prepare backgrounds for collages. All it needs is a little INK and it will be perfect!!


Art Journaling

So first of all I have to give a nod to my super freak of a computer geek of a son who shall remain nameless. He made the new banner for my blog. Pretty awesome isn’t it. I like how the background looks like it has been Wendy Vecchi”ed” up with some of the Distressed Ink from Tim Holtz. Computers and all their geekiness are his super-power and he is good enough to share it with me on occasion. (my son – not Tim Holtz).

I have filled up a couple of art journals and I so I bought a new one the other day – you know that meant that I immediately had to start to ink it up and doodle and paint and stick stuff on it. I am not done with it yet but wanted to show you. Also I was up til like 3 a.m. working with wax and a new distress technique that involves…. wait for it…. vaseline!! It is a little goopey but the result looks great. That will be tomorrows post.

So Have a good Tuesday, make some time to make some art and choose to be positive.