My first custom order

I have a big inky bulletin!!!

I have sold my first custom order!!!! So take off your shoes and use your fingers and toes to count it with me…. That makes two , count them, two sells so far. !!!! Que the music….”Im so excited-an i just can’t hide it-I’m about to loose control an i think i like it!!!!””.


Take A Tip From The Trash!!

So I am taking a break from the craziness of half wrapped presents, a cat who required an emergency trip to the vet today and a dog that is now drugged and dreaming on my bed– to give today’s tip.

Look at the things that your food and gifts are packaged in during this time of the year. Many of the containers and dividers and packaging materials are excellent to use during the collage process. I know because Inky-Meme has been saving her trash like a maniac bag lady for me since I mentioned to her that I liked to use the netted bags that the avocados came in to make a type of cross hatch print on my collage backgrounds. The woman is crazy now and is keeping everything that doesn’t beg to b e thrown away. And you know what — I have discovered that there are a bunch of things that we simply throw away that make excellent marks, scrapes, templates and prints on papers to be used as backgrounds.

So keep the trash and try it out. Have a good Tuesday and Merry Christmas.


Monday’s Quote

Merry Christmas and 9 days to go —  I want to thank you guys for your kind comments and encouragement about my first sale. It was a gift from you to me and I appreciated it very much.   It was such an amazing feeling and I am still so surprised and delighted by it.  It gives me a little boost of confidence.  Your comments were positive and grace-filled and I truly do appreciate them.

So today’s quote is by Pablo Picasso:  “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”   I have found this to be true in my art journaling journey.  You have probably noticed that I am blogging more about that lately.  I am such a fan!  I have used it as a way to catalog and record everything from my spats with Mr. Inky and how much of a jerk I think he is when I am mad at him – to how freeing I find the time when I am home alone and sit before an empty canvas board and just let it happen. I have just started my second large art journal and no longer see the blank pages as completely intimidating (at least on a good day).

I hope that your next 9 days is not so filled with the rushing and hurrying and planning for our holiday plans that we loose the ability to choose positivity and to be fully present in them.   By choosing to use our time to invest in what really matters to us (not to every other Tom, Dick, and Mary) we will increase our enjoyment of the next few days and isn’t that what it is really about!!  (okay that and scoring a really good gift from Mr. Inky)

Have a good week and make time to experience the happy accidents of art and of being an artist – or an artist wanna be like me!!