take a peek

Hello and Happy Friday. So here is the finished two page spread that I promised on Monday and that I have done a little on each day. You will see a yellow spot on the top right that is for today’s journaling. I know that my Blog routine has been different the past week or so but it allowed me to show you a few more pics of my art journaling and that current trend using this medium. After all I am on a journey to become a mixed media artist!!

This weekend is going to be about putting up the Santas, trees and other knick knacks that have a Christmas theme. I hope that you get to enjoy this process too and that you choose positivity when you put up your stuff. (it’s a technical term!!!)

I have the opportunity to hang up a few more of my pieces in the spa where I have a couple of things already. Little hiccup though – I forgot to put price tags on them so that they are obviously for sale!!! And yes I do have blonde hair. Anyway I am going down there and putting those suckers up so that people can start to buy up that stuff. I mean, I am sure that is the only reason that they are not flying out the door – right!!!

With Christmas coming up why not buy yourself or someone you love a handful of colorful felt pens, a notebook or sketchpad and encourage them to art journal. (yeah – I switched gears back to the art journaling from the putting up knick knacks of Christmas – keep up people!!) Who knows how many marriages art journaling may save, friendships it may create or world peace it may achieve — I’m just sayin.

Who knows, It may even save a hobo’s life. (okay so that is only funny if you have been reading my blog since the beginning of the week – but hopefully all 10 of you got it!! tee hee) Talk to you on Monday. Create something this weekend and embrace opportunities to be still and listen.





I broke the two page spread up into 2 pics and then tried to zoom in on a couple of little things of the pages.


Take A Gander

Okay so now we have the basic background for this two page spread of our project and one day of journaling. I tried not to worry about what others would think and just create. I truly am in love with art journaling.
It is very relaxing and much less intimidating to me than regular text journaling.
Have a good Tuesday and choose gratitude as an attitude today.




Hobos and Hellos

I hope that you had a pleasant thanksgiving and that you, like me, found good deals when you went out into the craziness the next day. I mean, I found a pair of boots that I would kill a hobo for. Okay maybe I wouldn’t actually kill a hobo for them but I was on those suckers like a hobo on a ham sandwich!!!! Having just posted this I guess I better stay away from trains for a while!! (Do Hobos ride trains, are there still Hobos???) Anyway I digress.
Remember that I posted about being more Art-Venturous – well this week we will do a little art venture together. I am going to Art Journal a 2-page spread, a little each day. Hopefully at the end of the week we will see a visual/textual representation of my week. Now I am certainly not one of the most busy people I know, but the week I have ahead should prove interesting fodder for my art journal pages. So today’s pic is the bare bones of the two page spread that I did this mornin. I got the idea by the way from an article that I read about a challenge an artist gave herself to journal at least a bit each day.

Not forgetting that this is monday – you know I couldn’t resist puttin in our quote for the week.

My advice or any advice you read elsewhere, is just that….advice. Be yourself, if it doesn’t feel right for you, don’t follow it.

Here is to a week filled with the desire to be fully present in each day and to enjoy the positive and learn from the less positive. And to remembering that we can only control our actions, not other’s reactions.

Thanks to those who have left comments — I haven’t been good about replying but that is the goal of part of this art-venture too. I will do a much better job replying to them in the future. (unless you are an irate hobo who is now mad at me!!!)

If I did this all right then below should be the pic of the two page – bare bones- gonna be awesome – art journal page project for our week.



Art journal peek

As you know i have been traveling a bit. I like to make simple art journals to help pass the inevitable wasted time in airports and other transportation devices. Mostly though i do it so I don’t nag Mr. Inky too much when he is driving. And trust me the nagging is warranted but we won’t go there!!! Anyway. Here are some pics if a page or two of the one i put together during the last couple of days. Remember that these are the backgrounds for future journaling, doodling or photo pages. Hope you dig em.

I show a pic of the words that i have cut out of mags, my distress stains and a couple of other supplies first and then a few pages. I travel now with a pair of kiddy scissors, paper tapes, distress stains, baggies and a glue stick! Mix with a small paper journal and ta-dah!!

Have a good day and remember to choose positivity. You probably have more to be thankful for than someone else you know. I am extremely thankful for my creative girlfriends and how much love and fun they bring into my life.