Tuesday’s Tip

So today’s tip is about those mats that you can cook with.  I have one called a “Silpat”.  They are basically silicon mats that you can line your cookie sheets with and nothing and I mean nada will stick to this bad boy.  … Of course I can’t use the thing for what it is intended for. So if you use that mat as  you create your inky art, it allows you to use your heat tool, inky away and do everything but cut on it.  It wipes clean without anything sticking to it and it makes a fantastic heat barrier to keep my desktop from becoming warped as I heat embossing powders or dry ink layers etc.

There are a number of items that are re-purposed beautifully for those of us cheerfully creating.  Sometimes I walk around at the hardware store and see what there is that can be used differently.  Yesterday I found a piece of rubber that is meant to be used in the plumbing area.  It is 6×6 square and about 1/4 inch thick.  It only cost about 30 cents.  I will carve a design on it and use it as a rubber stamp with my inks.  Ta dah!!!

I still haven’t got the video working right so it will come later.  I hope that today’s tip is helpful and that you have a great tuesday.  Remember to choose positivity. We can make a choice about how we spend our time and who we spend it with and what we spend it doing.

Steampunk Me and a Quote

As promised here is a pic of some of my ghoul-friends at our party. We had such a nice time. I loved the view of 15 witchy broads walking down Main Street to the photog studio where we were having our pics made. We did a group shot and then individuals. I don’t have mine yet but I will have it soon.

I was the only steampunk witch so that was cool.

Today’s quote is one of my favorites- but I forgot who to give credit to for it.

Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

I wanted to show you guys a cool gift my GF gave me. It is going to make an amazing altered book. Take a Gander Alexander :


Isn’t that cool. I am gonna antique it up and age the pages and will show you my progress over the next couple of weeks.

Friday Five

So today is friday and I am off to a “gathering of the ghouls” party at my favorite altered art store in twin falls – Girlfriends.   We are each coming dressed in a witch costume so you know that means inkymee had to have a steampunk witch costume.  I have goggles, white spats on top of black boots, lace gloves and groovy hair.  Pictures of this are promised to you next week because I have to get out of here by 10am and a girl has to have time to tease some big hair if she is gonna be a witch!!!

So today’s five is my five favorite Tim Holtz Distress Stains right now:

  1. Brushed Coruroy
  2. Vintage Photo
  3. Antique Linen
  4. Spiced Marmalaid
  5. Wild Honey

These stains can be found at your favorite scrapbook store or altered art store.  I use them as background color in my art journal pages, on my “arts parts” pieces to color them or as a die for pages of an old book when I am altering it or to simply add a type of aged look to any project.

Time to hop on my broom and head out.  Check back on Monday if you can for our quote and pics of me and my fellow witches.  The journey continues.


Wreaths, Lunch and Costco

So today is Thursday and that means that Mr. Inky and I have a date!!!  But now the snowmobile shows have started and that means that this gal is chopped liver on a day old piece of rye bread!!  And not the good fresh baked rye bread but the packaged stuff you get at the store that is a day old!!!

So it is off to a lunch date, costco, and the post office.  Yep that is how I roll it – glamour all the way.  My rant today (okay not rant but definitely a comment) is now I am buying Christmas wreaths from the wrestling teams.  I told you I have no self control when it comes to the kids coming to my door and selling.  So now I am about to be the proud owner of 2 count them 2 wreaths for 30$ each .  You know I can go and buy them for $14 at costco- right.

Gotta run –  hope you liked the pic from yesterday.  Tomorrow I will list the friday five and have started a tutorial video if I can get the hang of it you will get to see it next tuesday.

Be creative, be you and be happy.