On The Road

For those just checking in – I did not have any ill effects from the bug debacle of yesterday.  I felt a surge of energy today – who knows maybe that protein was helpful!

Mr. Inky and I are on our  little trip and will return on Sunday.  We got a later start than we planned (no – say it isn’t soooo) but have just arrived at our hotel.    We hit Barnes & Noble on our way and purchased some more books and magazines to add to the ones we bought at a different B&N last night.  I picked up the current issue of Artful Blogging and have so many ideas and thoughts running around in my head.  I love the excitement and energy I feel since creating this blog about my creative journey and I want to thank you guys for checking in from time to time and taking the time to leave comments occasionally.

On Friday’s I plan to post the funniest/oddest thing that I have seen that week and this week is week one of that.  Today’s winner – a book about creating crafts with Cat Hair.  I swear – You can’t make this stuff up.  I wonder if dogs would give me the stink eye if I wore a vest made of cat hair???  It could happen.

Have a good weekend and be present and participate in the journey that is your life.  I am creating my art journal of my little excursion and will post pics next week for your viewing pleasure.  The journey continues.

Trip With Mr. Inky

Just a reminder that I won’t be posting about my usual stuff for a couple of days because Mr. Inky is taking me on a trip for a day or two. Today we went bike riding – I don’t want to get any letters from any of you – but I think I ate a bug while trying to talk while riding my bike. I’m serious. Luckily that wintergreen gum I was chewing was strongly flavored!! Of course Mr. Inky was completely oblivious to the incident. I love the man and I would give him a kidney but you gotta wonder how he can miss stuff!!
Bike ridings, the book store, Michaels and Carl’s Jr. – yep I’m livin the dream ladies. Stay tuned for tomorrows journey.

Is It Junk Or Is It Greasy Pieces of Potential Art??

I spent yesterday with Inky Meme and we hit one of my favorite places for junk and treasures in Idaho.  I wasn’t looking for anything specific (except for a cold can of diet coke, I am always looking for that).  And when I found this huge bin of bits and pieces of screws, washers, fuses, bulbs, thing-a-ma-bobs and doo-hickies I was in altered art heaven. pic of a bin of junk

I am not sure what I am going to use all of my finds for but I wanted to show you some of them.  (scroll down to second pic)

The washers and some other bits will go on a canvas which is going to be steam punked up.  I am not posting pics of the completed project until next week because Mr. Inky is taking me on a trip for my birthday.

Pics and Bits about my trip and the creations using the things I found yesterday will be here soon.  The journey is getting a little greasy but it still continues.  Thanks for coming along and don’t forget to try to create every day.  It truly is good for you.  Maybe not as refreshing as say an icy cold diet coke – but definitely good for you.

Tuesday’s Tip

Okay so it is barely still Tuesday – but I am completely counting this. Sorry to be late posting today but some days are just like that. I usually spent my Tuesday with Inky Meme and today that meant driving her about 3 hours and doing some power shopping. But wait until you see what treasures I found.

So onto Tuesday’s Tip: If you are using the little trays or other containers that we tend to use to catch the extra glitter, rock candy, crushed glass etc when we are putting it on our art, It is always a pain to get all of the extra stuff re-captured. But, If you spray the surface of the tray LIGHTLY with a non-stick cooking spray that shall remain nameless (Oh – is that my friend PAM I hear calling me!!). It will help your glitter or whatever slide smoothly over the surface and allow you to re-capture much more of it. I tend to use the little blue square trays that are sold that have 3 corners and then a fourth that is shaped like a funnel. Spraying the surface allows the glitter to slide quickly and completely off the bottom of the tray. Give it a try and let me know what ya think.

Thanks for coming along on my journey. Check in tomorrow for the pics and the finds that I got from the junk store. Hint: my fingers were greasy and Inky Meme was amused!!

The Journey Continues!