Flood streets w art!!

So I don’t know that placing four pieces of my artwork caused a flood — but I had a fun morning doing it and hopefully it will bring a smile to whoever picks it up. Please leave a comment if you found one of my little gifts either below or on my Sherri Timmons Facebook page!!

Happy Black Friday!!  I hope while everyone else is trying to beat out someone to a deal you were able to enjoy family and friends ( and get a deal or two — without shoving of course).

Make art!!



Find my free art!

This year black Friday — i will not be hitting the stores and buying all the stuff that i really dont need and getting stressed in the process.

Black friday will find Me placing pieces of my art work around my little town on 4000 people here in Idaho.  There will be a “PICK ME UP — IM FREE” tag on it!  It will be a gift from me to whoever finds the 5 or 5 pieces of art i will place.

I became aware of this idea of leaving art on black friday through a fella that i follow on facebook.   His name is SCOTT WONG.  You can find his page easily.  His idea is called FLOOD THE STREET WITH ART!!  The idea is to give on that day we call Black Friday instead of seeing how much you can get that day. 

 If you are interested in this idea here is a bit of a hint of one of the pieces that will be left for free somewhere in my little town.  

  I am asking people that find my art to either leave a comment on my Inkymee website or on my facebook page (sherri timmons) on the comments section. 

I will keep you posted.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!